Video Solutions

Whether you have legacy analog systems or high definition IP cameras, we are proud to offer integration services and expert maintenance for virtually any business, including global enterprises. Quinntessential Systems engineers best-in-class equipment from leading manufacturers. We offer open platform solutions so that our customers have the freedom of choice in integrated equipment.The open platform makes it easy to add video functionality to security and business systems and there is no limit to what video can be used for including training, customer service and delivery logistics.

We have the years of experience, education and training to help you select the right video management system and IP cameras for your budget and legacy systems. State of art cameras and video equipment provide the best quality video without the overwhelming costs.

Though video surveillance technology seems to never stop developing, we always provide expert recommendations so you can protect your people, property, and profits.

Camera Solutions

Modern thermal network cameras are very sensitive and accurate. They are unrivaled when it comes to detection, making them ideal for the first line of defense. Once a suspicious event has been detected, the thermal camera can be configured so that it automatically directs a PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) camera to the right place. Working in parallel, these two camera types form an unbeatable combination.

As opposed to day/night cameras, which use the near-infra-red spectrum of light, thermal cameras do not require any light at all to operate. Instead, these cameras are able to detect a person or an object by visualizing the thermal radiation they emit. This capacity makes the cameras highly functional in complete darkness as well as in fog, snow, and other challenging conditions. Less apparent is their usefulness in broad daylight. Thermal cameras are nevertheless also very efficient when it comes to discovering people or objects that are obscured by complex backgrounds or who hide in deep shadows. Another benefit is that strong lights or laser pointers cannot interfere with them

PTZ cameras, when used with thermal, are very adaptable and can enable an operator to get on top of a situation very quickly. After an alert, he can pan and tilt the camera by remote control and get an overview of the area in question. From there it is easy to zoom in on details. State of the art network cameras delivers sharp images with very high resolution enabling facial identification or license plate recognition even at very long distances.

Scalable, flexible and cost efficient
The descriptions above imply large surveillance systems covering huge areas with plenty of security personnel and a well-equipped command center. But neither technology nor price put network cameras out of reach for smaller businesses or even private homes. On the contrary, with analytic software and other clever applications, a video surveillance system can be more or less automated and very cost effective.